David After Dentist

In May of 2008 I took my son David to the dental surgeon to have a procedure done to remove an extra tooth. The condition is called Hyperdontia. Coincidentally, his uncle Alex had the same procedure done but, not till he was 16. OUCH!

I have always been the one who takes the kids to their medical and dental appointments because I work from home. However, this was serious and my wife Tessie wanted to go. Unfortunately, she had a big meeting planned for the same day with executives coming from all over the country, so she had to be there.

I had just bought a new flip video camera and decided I would use it, along with my cell phone camera, to record the days events, little did I know how life changing that decision would be.

After the procedure, the staff came out to get me. I noticed grins on their faces when I walked in. David was in rare form. I had to help him to the car, strapped him in his car seat and then proceeded to record him as I had planned. There was no coaching or editing. I just filmed what I was seeing and hearing. The deep questions David asks show his deep thinking that we have come to know as part of his personality.

Once we got home and got some ice cream in him and a nap, David was fine and fully recovered. That night, I showed it to the family and we had a big laugh. David was rolling on the floor.

After that, I just shared the video with family and friends for the next several months. I then joined Facebook and started sharing it there. Around the first of 2009 I decided to post it on YouTube to make it easier to share. Due to the limit YouTube has for the number of emails you can send the link to for private sharing, I chose to make it public thinking no one would think it would be as funny as we did. Shows you what I know!

I posted the video on January 31, 2009 and by the following Tuesday we had 3 million views. At first, we didn’t know what to think. Were people making fun of David? Once we realized people thought it was cute and funny, we embraced the attention that came with it. We looked at it as a way for our family to have an experience we couldn’t have had otherwise. What an experience is has been.


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