David After Dentist

Doing my best David After Dentist!

My backMy back as really been hurting me lately (mostly due to my fat front!) Had to get a shot in my back. I was pretty nervous about getting it so I opted for the sedated procedure. I didn't tell my wife to tape it but she did it anyway. While I am not as funny as David its still pretty funny. Enjoy! 



Sports Teaching Life Lessons

David and I started football practice a few weeks ago. I coach and David plays blocking back on the team. Its a lot of hard work and a big time commitment for David and his teammates. They have school then practice and games 4 days per week. We do it because we love the sport and get to spend time together.

I believe sports can teach us a lot. Dedication, determination, teamwork, are all things I hope David can at least start to learn from playing sports. 

I came across a video today about a young man named Marc Panu. A football player and student from Vanderbilt University. He is setting a great example for David and well for all of us really. 

He has been a walk on for 4 years. That means he has had to find other ways to pay for his education and still play football. The speaks volumes to me about his character. He's smart too because Vandy is not an easy school to get into.

His hard work is reaping dividends now because he was just given a full scholarship this year. The video below shows him being presented with it and his teammates reaction which in itself show you what kind of teammate he is.

The scholarship is awesome and well deserved but if you listen to what the coach says before presenting it to him, to me that is what is all about. If you do that, you will go a long way in life.... When I pick David up from school, we are going to watch this together.


Marc, if you happen to read this. Know that about 20 kids in Orlando are going to hear about it today at practice. Thanks for making my pep talk easier today! 

PS What the heck are the milk jugs for?

NEW VIDEO-David After Dentist-Its the Cops!

This is a new video of David's younger brother, William. He was out of his seatbelt while I pumped gas and then told me he had to go to the bathroom. He then noticed a police officer and well, check out the video!

Written by David DeVore — May 02, 2012

Football Season Highlights


This is a highlight video of David's 2011 Football season I was privileged to coach. David is #32 and we had a lot of fun this year. Video was produced by our friends at www.grungeproductions.com Great job guys!

Written by David DeVore — November 07, 2011

Update On David After Dentist

 I realized it has been too long since I have posted on the blog. Life is busy raising two boys with all the homework and extra activities plus my own work.

David is doing well. Getting adjusted to 5th grade and the added responsibilities. He got all A's on his first report card and seems to really get school now. I have to admit, I think he got the book smarts from mom because I don't recall doing so well in school.

He is becoming quite the football player. I recently posted some highlights from his game in the mud, our favorite game so far. Here it is:

Will try to update more often after football ends. Have some new video of his brother William who is pretty funny without the meds!

David's Dad

Written by David DeVore — October 28, 2011

D.A.D At Playlist Live!

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring Play List Live! March 26-27 2011 in Orlando Florida. David and I will be there and will have a booth where you can meet David, play some XBOX and maybe buy a tshirt!

We wont be the only ones there. Youtube stars like Shay Carl and Family, KassemG, Lisa Nova, and Ijustine just to name a few.

The best part about this video has been meeting all the cool fans David has.

Looking forward to seeing you IN REAL LIFE!

-David's Dad

Written by David DeVore — March 01, 2011


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